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Edinburgh Minibus Hire

Minibus Hire Edinburgh is designed with focus on style, comfort, and safety to provide the highest value for money to people who want to travel by road in a hired minibus for any reason. Our services are available throughout Edinburgh and entire Scotland. Hiring a minibus for your team's travel needs has always been a complex procedure because of the large list of factors to consider. These include minibus size, the specific number of vehicles required to move a group, and lastly, the cost of the service. Our services have cut a name throughout Edinburgh and Scotland because of high quality.

We have a wide variety of minibuses for clients to select what suits their needs. The fleet comprises of minibuses made by globally renowned brands which include Citroen, Nissan, Renault, and Mercedes. All the vehicles in our fleet are certified to meet the highest quality standards and even maintenance. To guarantee our clients higher standard levels, all minibuses in our fleet have unique styles and come in differing sizes ranging from 6-23 seaters.

We follow a strict policy that guides us on employees to hire and work with. We only hire highly qualified and experienced drivers who understand and respect their work. The drivers and other staff must possess great mechanical understanding, desirable personalities, and satisfy all legal requirements. When you decide the vehicle you want, simply ask for a minibus with driver to make your travelling more enjoyable. In addition, all the fleets are fitted with modern technologies such as GPS-tracking and other Geo-locating systems. These are critical in assisting us locate the vehicle and reach you with ease in case you are faced with difficulties.

An Outline of the Main Areas that We Cover

Throughout Edinburgh and entire Scotland, you can enjoy our lovely services. We maintain a strong presence of our fleet in major cities such as MInibus Hire Edinburgh Danderhall, Loanhead, and Musselburgh. We also have great presence in other areas such as Whitecraig, Bonnyring, Roslin, and Ratho. Our key priority is ensuring that our services are available throughout Edinburgh, Scotland and the entire UK. We also cover Minibus Hire Glasgow and other Scotish cites.

There are also other cities that we provide our services to. You can tell this by reaching us and completing an online enquiry. Since inception, we focus on making every person travel in great comfort, reaching on time, and safely. The list of the cities provided does not mean we only operate in major cities. Using our hire program, we also reach and transport people to and from areas that people know very little about in Scotland.

Our Minibuses Fleet Description

Using Minibus Hire Edinburgh is the surest way of travelling in great comfort, safely, and getting the highest value for money. Our fleet has different minibuses that help cater for varying clients' requirements. Have a look at the vehicles and establish the one that best fits your needs for moving from one point to another.

The Six-Seater Minibus Hire: This vehicle is the smallest in Minibus Hire Edinburgh fleet. It is ideal for those travelling in a small group, family, or small corporate that value luxury or have some heavy luggage to carry along.

Seven-Seater Minibus Hire: This Minibus Hire Edinburgh is ideal for people looking for larger space to carry their luggage. Going for this minibus is advantageous because it comes at the same cost as the six seater minibus.

Eight-Seater Minibus Hire: This Edinburgh minibus comes with advantages ascribed for seven and six seater. It however has additional space for luggage and passengers. Though the cost is slightly higher in comparison to the seven seater vehicle, this minibus has become a preference for many because it also features special air conditioning.

Twelve-Seater Minibus Hire: If the group you want to travel with is relatively large, consider going for the twelve seater minibus. The rates are highly competitive and you will also need to make some prior booking. The booking time makes it ideal to get the most ideal minibus to suite the size of the luggage you will take with you.

The Fourteen-Seater Minibus Hire: If the group you are moving to events such as parties, wedding, stag, or employee teams, is relatively large, the 14 seater might be the most ideal. This minibus comes with additional space and is also fitted with latest air conditioning systems, leather interior, and adjustable seats for additional comfort. It is prudent that this minibus is driven by a qualified and experienced driver.

Sixteen-Seater Minibus Hire: If the group you need to travel with is really large, has more luggage, and requires utmost comfort, consider using this minibus. The drivers are specially trained and you will travel in great comfort and enjoyment. This minibus also comes with special seats for babies and people with disabilities.

23-Seater Minibus Lease:This is our largest and cheap minibus hire in Edinburgh on offer. It has cut a name for larger passenger capacity, luggage size, and comfort. If you want to move in style, look no further than this minibus. You will be required to book this minibus about twelve hours in advance. All the minibuses come with certified drivers who guarantee travellers utmost comfort, and safety.

Our Coach Fleet Description

In addition to the different minibus hire services, we also have Coach Hire that are ideal for people who want to move in larger groups which cannot be accommodated by minibuses. The coaches vary in prices and clients are required to book in 24 hours. Have a look at the breakdown of available coaches on offer.

The 24-Seater Coach Hire:If you are more than 23, it is advisable to hire this coach. All the 24 seater coaches in the fleet are new, stylish, comfortable, and highly reliable. Make sure to give us a 24 hour notice before your departure time.

Up-to-59 Seater Coach Lease: For a group of people up to 59 travelling to a major event such as football game, party, wedding, this coach is the ideal vehicle. However, if you are more than 59, you might require taking this coach and another minibus to cater for the extra people.

Our minibuses and coaches hire in Edinburgh, Scotland and the entire UK are available at highly competitive and affordable rates. Reach Minibus Hire Edinburgh today for your minibus or coach hire and make your travel unforgettable.

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Covered Nationwide
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Great Prices
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Modern Vehicles
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